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Vacation beach and sea - Best time

Vacation beach and sea – Best time

Vacation beach and sea: Your own holiday and the best travel time of the year, each would like his relaxed holiday and experience precisely at this time. You would like to know, when is the best time for you? All you need first of a fascinating and really good destination. If you have chosen this goal, then you can decide, when is the best time to travel for you. They finally want to enjoy the best experience, see the most beautiful beaches and have the best weather. Vacation beach and sea is a blog for travelers and bloggers, the remotely- and city breaks information and travel reports provides.

Paris – the French capital hosts a number of pleasures

It is in the minds of many people the epitome of romance. tell lovers, that they are planning a short trip there, reap mostly a sly smile from listeners. “Paris – the city of love” is an inseparable pun. The French capital has lost none of its charm and exerts an unbroken charisma to travelers from.

A lot to see, to do and to taste

Paris - die Stadt der Liebe

Paris – the city of love

The list of attractions this city is long. Equip her a short visit, perhaps a long weekend, so are the classic Eiffel Tower, triumphal arch, Notre Dame de Paris and Montmartre with the homonymous hill, red Mill, Sacré Coeur and many romantic streets, the absolute duty program.

You can take the car leave the way confidently. You can either use public transport or, if weather hergibt, the bike. Paris can be excellently on two wheels Explore. The advantage of this method of travel is to, that you will find tourist gems, which would you definitely escaped with single-mindedness processing the hotspots.

In addition, this also discover restaurants or café, that are just not advertised by well-known travel guide and offer still excellent and above all authentic French cuisine. On lodging Paris offers the way not only exclusive hotels, but also a variety of dreamy pensions.

London – Europe's second largest metropolis

London - Europas zweitgrösste Metropole

London – Europe's second largest metropolis

At one of the most popular destinations in Europe London Counts. It being here less comes to the typical beach vacation of sun and sea. That has London certainly not to offer. Probably quite the opposite. The typical English weather is rainy. So they say, at least in the vernacular. However, one also has to stick to the truth and say that while there already is a region, occurs in the rain intensified, yet it does not mean it here permanently rains.

The second largest city in Europe has countless monuments and attractions on offer. So it is impossible for travelers to visit really almost all places and buildings in a vacation. Hence it is very common for, the this city is visited several times. Why in some meadow yes for them. Whether the Big Ben or the banks of the Thames, London offers everyone what appeals to them taste. There are so many possibilities, what can be done in this city, that you do not want to list these. Fact remains in this city. Anyone who was in London and that this city has looked at, who will travel with safety once again in this place. That's for sure.

Rom – The Eternal City

Rom - Die ewige Stadt

Rom – The Eternal City

The city ​​of Rome has a story that has something to offer almost any other city. But the emergence of the city has a historical background of the special kind. Although the wider historical history this city has it all. The Colosseum, for example, is evidence of the special features of the Rome entails. No other city has so much history and culture as Rome. Therefore, it is rightly called the Eternal City.

Of all the places that had in history a true greatness, Rome is that until today its importance has not lost. Be it Troy or Konstantin Opel, all these great cities with a long history, are only story today. Rome has a similar status, but with a difference. This city still exists. This makes it a unique place. No city in the world has a longer and larger history than Rome. The capital of Italy, however, has not only offers many cultural events. The landscapes and environments are further arguments for a visit to this city. Anyone who wants to travel through the centuries and also rest and relaxation searches, will meet with this place certainly the right decision.

Dubai – The metropolis in the desert

Whether organized tours in the desert with an overnight stay in a tent or luxury shopping experiences – Dubai offers a lot and is a city of contrasts, as they could not be greater. And that's what makes the incredible fascination of the desert metropolis.

The capital of Dubai City

Dubai - Die Metropole in der Wüste

Dubai – The metropolis in the desert

The Emirate of Dubai is one of the United Arab Emirates in the Arabian Peninsula in the Persian Gulf. With almost 2,5 Million inhabitants, is the capital of Dubai City's social, cultural and economic center of the emirate, this is mainly because of its skyscrapers a magnet for visitors. thus, Dubai – the metropolis in the desert – per year up to 14 visited million tourists. So that the city is one of the most visited cities in the world.

Dubai's cultural highlights

The most famous building is the town's 321 meter high “Burj al Arab”, erected in the form of a sail Hotel, is also the most expensive in the world. Also with 828 Meters far tallest building in the world is in Dubai: the “Burj Khalifa”, offices, Apartments and a hotel houses. But not only the modernity is omnipresent in the desert metropolis. That in the fortress “al-Fahidi-Fort” Housed Museum is also information on the historic Dubai as the “Heritage Village”, the old traditions revive leaves.

Kairo – between camels and pyramids

Kairo - zwischen Kamelen und Pyramiden

Kairo – between camels and pyramids

When should a trip to the African continent go, then is the direct target in most cases Kairo. Camels and pyramids are the main ideas that every person going through your head, if he or she thinks of this city. But Cairo has far more to offer than just camels and pyramids. This impressive city not only has a centuries-old culture, but also several monuments from various eras of mankind has. The pyramids are obviously here a typical destination. These also include, of course, with the culture in this category.

But the desert to Cairo around, has much to offer. The tours through the sand, are one of the most popular ways to look at the land and from a completely different side. As interesting as impressive is the longest river in the world. The Nile is not only offered at the time of the Pharaohs an important transportation. Even today are the journeys of the Nile, a popular destination and allow the visit of places and landscapes that would otherwise be admired only from the air. Cairo is more than just a city in Africa. It offers the ultimate change between summer, Sun and old impressive culture.

A Trip to Miami – a travel, to each family member will be memorable

Miami - eine der schönsten Städte Floridas

Miami – one of the most beautiful cities in Florida

Miami – one of the most beautiful cities in Florida, is not popular only among the rich and famous and is known as a party hotspot. The Sunshine State has done to many people, people in Miami exude pure joy and good humor. The sun shines almost always and the sea is just wonderfully warm! That is why it attracts a lot of holidays throughout the year to Miami. Temperatures dropped almost never 25 city, except during the period from December to February, where temperatures averaged 24 degrees are. If you are planning a Miami trip, You are bound here does not peak tourist season. Miami shows 365 Days a year at its best.

The popular Art Deco District is one of the most beautiful places in Miami. The Art Deco district is colorful and you can feel here the artistic flair. Beside it is the white sand beach (South Beach). There is always something going on here. Tourists and locals enjoy this life to the fullest. Beach beauties sunbathe and men with durchtrainiertem body play volleyball. By the Cuban neighborhood known as Little Havana, visitors can stroll wonderful. Furthermore, Miami has to offer a Seaquarium on Virginia Key. For families, a vacation in Miami is especially. Children and adults can experience a wonderful time here.

early booking, Discount vacation deals

First, you need to know where it should go and corresponds to which of the many offers budget once. The best travel time is usually in the low season, because then if not all trips, is to make the best time for you to a bargain. You can also book last minute, or just use one of the many early booking discounts and that is also the best time for you to enjoy the journey with a good discount on the price.

Distant destinations are very popular and well They should consider that exotic destination you choose this time, for example the Seychelles. There are not many goals are really a secret, and so you need to investigate accordingly. Then the question of transport coming for you. Air travel is popular and today, flying is an event for the masses. But there are exceptions exclusive and air travel over here 12 you should make hours in first class. These questions are important in your decision and then make the trip to the holiday, with a very well selected target, only the perfect experience.

Holiday Sea beach

Urlaub Strand und Meer - Abenteuer oder Relaxen

Vacation beach and sea – Adventure or relaxation

They look so, this time in the year of recovery may differ serious and not always to reach the optimal solution. but you can decide on your travel time and here you need to consider some. For example, to fly in the summer on the Turkish Riviera, You need to rethink whether you can cope with the prevailing heat. Are you more the adventurous tourist likes to celebrate the, or who prefer tranquil. These are your individual requirements and these factors, you should plan.

Cruises are now a very popular holiday fun, the central location includes and this trend leads to a variety of offers. You just need to recognize your preferences and know, when a landscape or a cruise best companies, so you get the best price and have the best weather. They can orient themselves and many vacationers reveal your secret tips, so you can choose the best time.

Today, everything can be planned and today you get as much information, that you can really rethink everything perfect to the last detail. You have the opportunity to choose exactly the right month of the year for your vacation and so the option remains in prices always open, to achieve the best price. They all countries and all destinations at a glance and you just have to make your personal choice, for a perfect stay at your resort. You see a lot of pictures and awakens the longing, just as you want to spend your holidays and experience a great trip and enjoy the best time on vacation. That's what we want to convey to our readers on vacation beach and sea.

Vacation beach and sea


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